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Helpful Materials for Mental Health

Everybody deserves a way to guide themselves to optimal health! Here I will add helpful resources, news, research, etc., that you can use on your path to freedom.

WDEP Worksheet

January 4, 2025

One of the guiding principles of  Reality Therapy comes in the form of the acronym WDEP: What do you want, what are you doing, evaluate what you're doing, and then make a plan to adjust. This worksheet helps you through this simple, yet extremely helpful, process.

Veiw Worksheet

How to Mindfulness!

January 4, 2025

Mindfulness is all the rage these days, and for good reason! There is a lot of science backing it up as a means of effectively reducing anxiety, depression, anger and other pesky problems, all while increasing awareness, focus, memory, and overall levels of happiness! But where do you even start? Here is a handy guide that can get you started on your way!

Veiw Guide

"Depression among young teens linked to cannabis use at 18"

January 4, 2025

According to a study conducted by University of Washington Medicine, "Young people with chronic or severe depression are at elevated risk for developing a problem with cannabis in later adolescence." What does this mean for you and your teen? Just another reason it is important to address childhood depression when it is first noticed! Don't leave em hangin', guys!

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